First product coming this month.

What’s goin’ on champ?

Isn’t music awesome?

Isn’t making the music you love the most even more awesome?

I know, I know…

I just liberated myself from a life of playing trombone on cruise ships.

Don’t get me wrong… it was fun, for the first year, but then I started getting bored of playing the same pop standards and jazz standards every week.

The butterflies in my stomach that I usually get from performing something new and exciting were gone!

Seriously, how’d you like it if you got up on stage feeling bored?

That’s the exact opposite of stage fright.

I guess in a way, that’s a resourceful place to come from.

Speaking of which, I’m in the process of creating a program that will help you control the butterflies in your stomach before a performance.

I’ve backwards engineered my mental strategies as a professional musician who can create relaxing inside of myself in an instant, even if I do feel scared.

I’ve learned to make those butterflies, that anxiety, my best friend.

They will always be there, but you can actually learn how to NOT be a victim to them.

You’re going to learn how to feel them (because they’ll always be there, unless you’re bored), and make them your fucking bitch!

That’s right man, how’d you like to make any uncomfortable emotion your bitch?

You can become the Master of Your Emotions.

I’m going to show you how.

I’d also like your help.

Email me NOW at and tell me what your biggest fear or frustration when it comes to tackling those butterflies before a gig.

Write me no more than 5-7 sentences explaining to me what exactly is going on.

The first 10 people that email me will receive a special shout in the product itself when I launch it, and a special discount too.

CLICK THIS LINK >>>, and tell me what troubles you on stage and you’ll receive a reply from me within 48 hours.

Alright badass, keep practicing!

Dwight —> OUT

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