How to prepare for a recording session

So imagine right now that you just got called to make a recording with a buddy of yours, and they tell you it’s going to be played on the radio.

If you’ve never recorded in a a studio, this can be a VERY nerve racking high anxiety type of experience for you. How are you going to manage dealing with the nervousness?

A great way is to simply prepare the most you can. Here’s an article about the top call drummer in New York that will help you mentally prepare for what to expect. He was the drummer for the SNL (Saturday night live) band. And by the way, if you make it in New York- you’re set anywhere, so this guy knows what he’s talking about.

It’s a long article so go to the bathroom, grab a bowl of cereal and enjoy!

SNL Drummer Shawn Pelton Shares Recording Session Performance Tips


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