Building myself anew…

It’s been a week since I ended the most intense relationship of my life. We had known each other for only 8 months, and in those 8 months, we fell in love, signed a lease together, and I even was helping her raise her kids.

Yeah I was in waaay over my head and rushed into things.

Now that I’m single again, it’s time to take everything I teach my clients, and put it to work on myself.

So for the next 3 months, I’m going to begin recreating every part of myself. Create new goals, a new identity, EVERYTHING. This is the first post, and I’m going to post daily. If I have nothing to report that day, I’ll write that. However I’ll give you something, because there’s always something.

I’m going to put myself on a one year self made program. Here we go!

I’ve already written affirmations for the two areas of my life that I want to redevelop. My career and my love life. For my career, I’m assuming the role of a public speaker, speaking about how to manage anxiety for musicians. For my love life, just have fun.

Next step:

– Create a new routine for myself. More on that tomorrow.

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