Your commitment to your success

Most people who are looking for success think it’s found in a $15 book they buy, that they usually don’t finish. Those who are a bit more committed, will go and get therapy from a hypnotist like myself, or another coach. They’ll go for one session, and get some clarity, and it’ll be a good experience. Then the energy fades and they fall back on their old habits.

For those truly committed individuals, they spend the time, and the money, and commit to their success for a MINIMUM of 3 months. 3 months is the bare minimum to create any kind of significant change in your life. This is why I prefer working with my clients for a minimum of 3 months.

If you really want mega life altering change, a whole new you, then you’ll sign up for a one year plan. My newest client, and every person I’ve worked with in the past or with other hypnotists and coaches that I know personally, has benefited the most from a one year commitment. The most committed repeat the year, or sometimes a 3rd or 4th. They eventually become coaches in their own right.

So what is your level of commitment? Are you happy with 3 months? Are you ready for 1 year? Do you want to be a coach and stick with it longer?

Email me at and we can explore, in a free 20min phone call, what is right for you.


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